The Ignite Innovation session and workshop led to the development of a prototype for an enhanced mobile digital experience. 

david yurman

Ignite innovation session and workshop resulting in prototype of enhanced mobile digital experience.


To facilitate a digital transformation of David Yurman's operations, our focus was centered around customer experience enhancements. Through a structured innovation workshop, key areas of focus were identified, and elements of novelty and surprise were introduced. The outcome of the workshop led to the conceptualization and prototyping of a mobile app experience that reimagined the David Yurman brand story and product experience. 

To enable a digital transformation of David Yurman's operations we centered around customer experience opportunities. A structured innovation workshop helped us identify areas of focus while introducing elements of novelty and surprise. The resulting output of our workshop lead towards the concepting and prototyping of a mobile app experience that reimagined the David Yurman story and product experience.

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