The first Bitcoin mining fitness wearable offers a glimpse into the near future of blockchain service layers—an app and wearable that track activity, converting it into cryptocurrency. 


A near future exploration of the blockchain service layer—an app and wearable tracking activity that translates activity into cryptocurrency.


Fitcoin employs a proprietary algorithm to ensure your effort matches your payout. It counts your average heart rate, distance, and pace, converting them into a Fitcoin value. This value represents the total amount of Bitcoin you've earned, transferring it directly from your workout to your Bitcoin wallet.

Fitcoin uses a propietary algorithm so your effort matches your payout. Your average heart rate, distance, and pace are counted and turned into a Fitcoin value. Your Fitcoin value totals the amount of bitcoin you’ve earned—from your workout to your (BitCoin) wallet.


Casting, music, location, and wardrobe all contribute to creating a dystopian atmosphere. Meanwhile, the makeup serves as a nod to anti-facial detection and computer vision confusion stylings.

Casting, music, location and wardrobe contribute to a sense of dystopian atmosphere. While the makeup is a nod to anti-facial detection, computer vision confusion, stylings.


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