Applied research & emerging technogies for:

business, culture, public policy.

Developing AI products to address real-world problems across diverse domains entails crafting intelligent systems, including autonomous agents, capable of performing tasks usually done by humans. Utilizing advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs), this effort explores the impactful roles these autonomous agents can play in sectors like healthcare, finance, transportation, manufacturing, education, agriculture, and energy, paving the way for innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges.
Exploring potential futures requires creative thinking to envision how technology, culture, and society might intersect and shape our world, considering various scenarios to understand the implications of new technologies, social trends, and cultural shifts. This process not only aids in identifying potential risks and ethical concerns but also sparks innovation and creativity, offering fresh perspectives and approaches to address the pressing challenges of our time.
This research contributes to the understanding of how decentralized political systems and blockchain technologies can empower individuals and communities, offering insights on their benefits, limitations, and potential for creating secure, transparent systems. The rise of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DAOs, and decentralized states holds promise for revolutionizing various industries and systems, like supply chain management and voting, by promoting decentralization, autonomy, and enhanced security.

Active research projects are self-initiated, partnered with other entities, or funded by grants. These topic areas demonstrate a commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation.

Global Health
Improving health equity involves a multifaceted approach that addresses systemic barriers, social determinants like income and education, and ensures access to quality healthcare responsive to diverse social identities. It requires collaboration among governments, healthcare providers, community organizations, and individuals to tackle disparities and achieve equitable health outcomes for all.
Active participation in the public sphere to influence policies, laws, and social norms for the betterment of society. It encompasses a range of activities including lobbying, grassroots campaigns, community organizing, and utilizing various platforms to voice concerns, propose solutions, and mobilize public opinion to drive positive change.
Trust in Science
Promoting public confidence in the scientific community requires transparent communication of research, ensuring scientific integrity and rigor, and fostering diversity and inclusion to ensure findings are representative of diverse perspectives. This effort also involves ongoing engagement and dialogue between scientists and the public, addressing misinformation, and encouraging public involvement in setting research priorities.

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