SCTY engages in works for culture, commerce and public policy through systems, storytelling, & strategic innovations. We specialize in the domains of brand revitalization, digital product development, emerging technology, product marketing and space design.

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We offer a number of engagement models to meet your, your team's, and your organization's needs.


Design and innovation sprints are time-boxed, collaborative processes used to rapidly prototype and test new ideas.


1-on-1 knowledge-sharing discussions that allow individuals to gain insights and advice from our expertise.


Interactive learning sessions where participants engage in hands-on activities to develop skills and gain alignment on pressing topics.


Expert talks and lectures are informative presentations designed to share our expertise on a specific subjects with an audience.


We create custom research and insightful brand briefings to support strategic decision-making on various topics.


Advisory services provide expert guidance and strategic recommendations to help clients navigate complex business challenges.

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Our research projects, whether self-initiated, collaborative, or grant-funded, showcase our dedication to expanding knowledge and driving innovation across key topic areas.

AI is being used to create autonomous systems that can perform tasks normally done by humans. By leveraging advanced language models, these AI agents have the potential to revolutionize industries such as healthcare, finance, transportation, manufacturing, education, agriculture, and energy.
Envisioning the future demands imaginative thinking about the interplay of technology, culture, and society. By considering diverse scenarios, we can grasp the consequences of emerging tech, social movements, and cultural changes. This not only reveals potential dangers and moral issues but also ignites innovation. It provides new ways to view and tackle the critical problems we face today.
This research advances our understanding of decentralized political systems and blockchain technologies. It highlights their potential to empower people and communities by creating secure, transparent systems. The emergence of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and decentralized states could revolutionize industries like supply chain management and voting. 
Global Health
To improve health equity, we must take a comprehensive approach. This means addressing systemic barriers and social factors like income and education that impact health. It also means ensuring everyone has access to high-quality healthcare that meets the needs of diverse communities. Achieving health equity requires governments, healthcare providers, community groups, and individuals to work together to reduce disparities. 
Civic engagement means actively participating in public life to make society better. This includes lobbying, grassroots campaigns, community organizing, and using various platforms to: express concerns, suggest solutions, rally public support for positive change.
Trust in Science
To boost public trust in science, the scientific community must: openly share research findings, uphold high standards of scientific rigor, include diverse voices to represent varied viewpoints, regularly engage in two-way dialogue with the public, actively counter the spread of misinformation, and involve the public in determining research priorities.
By dedicating effort to these areas, scientists can strengthen public confidence in the scientific process and its outcomes.

SCTY is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) incubator, advisory and consultancy based in NYC. Founded by Ali Madad, SCTY engages in works for culture, commerce and public policy.

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