Systems, storytelling, & strategic innovations:

brand, product, experience.


Leverage AI transformation to optimize your resources and ensure readiness for a sustainable competitive position

Capabilities Market Map

Sensemaking Insights

Innovation Journey

Disruptive Potential

Innovation Framework


Collaborative and cocreative sessions that foster alignment and renewal for strategic momentum

Team Dynamics

Role Clarity

Collaboration Blueprint

Performance Metrics

Organizational Alignment


Integate and augment workflows and processes to amplify the uptake on generative AI for your team

Model Training

Model Alignment

Model Finetuning

RAG System Creation

Test & Learn Prototypes

Select press and media coverage.

SCTY is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) incubator, advisory and consultancy based in NYC. Founded by Ali Madad, SCTY engages in works for culture, commerce and public policy.

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