How might we envision the future digital product strategy for the Pizza Hut mobile experience? We delved into emerging trends and technologies intersecting with the evolving customer journey.

pizza hut

A product strategy presented as proof of concept vision video, showing the near future for the Pizza Hut mobile experience. Incoporating emerging trends and technologies that intersect with a an evolving customer journey.

A revamped visual presentation of the menu and ingredients, featuring user-generated pizzas with easy 'flavoriting', enhanced discovery and consideration. The introduction of shoppable social, even before its widespread adoption, allowed pizza to reach you wherever you are online. A user-centric approach, guided by customer journey markers, was employed to craft features that were seamlessly integrated into the overall experience.

A new visual presentation of menu and ingredients, including user generated pizzas with fast flavoriting enabled better discovery and consideration. While shoppable social, preceding its arrival onto the scene, allowed pizza to find you where you are online. A user-centric approach through customer journey was employed as markers for us to craft features that we would weave into a seamless experience.


An early instance of emoji and sticker-based interactions emerged with the advent of custom keyboards in iOS 8. The new Pizza Hut app would enable users to order using emojis, providing an opportunity for Pizza Hut's brand to communicate in novel ways. When chatting with friends, users would become brand ambassadors through the use of these emojis.

An early example of emoji and sticker-based interactions, with the advent of custom keyboards in iOS 8. The new Pizza Hut app would allow users to order with emojis, creating a moment for Pizza Hut’s brand to speak in new ways. When chatting with friends, users become brand ambassadors when using these emojis.


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